JOB-MUSIC VIDEO- Peter Jackson Feat. Die Mannequin!


Congrats one of our actors who has just  booked a role in the latest Music video for artist Peter Jackson  Feat. Canadian Band Die Mannequin.

Congrats to our Actor Greg B. for booking this job. He went  on set on April 6th and was  there for the entire day of filming. Greg is part of our Real People Models Division and this is his first job of many more to come.

Our model Greg B. took some backstage snaps and pointed out that the actors got soaked during the funeral scene in the music video. ” 30,000 gallons of water were brought in ” to simulate falling rain he confessed to me. I smiled and thanked him for listening to me and bringing a black umbrella on the day of the shoot.

Check out some backstage snapshots while we wait for the music video to come out! (Click to see full-size)

About Peter Jackson:

Peter Jackson is an Ontario born Hip-Hop artist with unforgettable beats and timeless lyrics! To learn more about Peter Jackson please visit

About Die Mannequin:

Die Mannequin is one of the most successful Toronto-Based Rock bands.They are fronted by 23-year-old guitar player and singer Care Failure (born Caroline Kawa).  To learn more visit their site at

About Our Real People Models Division:

Our Real People Models Division includes models from 30-60 years of age. Models in this division are best know for booking commercial print ads and catalogues as well as commercials and music videos. To learn more or to apply to be come part of this division please visit our website at


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