Yay! congrats to our Models and Actors who booked roles in the latest Music video for Canadian band WINTERSLEEP and their delicious and catchy new single “Black Camera” .

Congrats to Samantha D,Greg B, Witek L,Cristina O,Lyuba B,Rainbow C,Yara W and Annie P.This Music video .

Our Models/Actors came off the set  at about 2:00 pm  cherishing and regretting the delicious chorus that sang ” Black Cameraaaaaa” ringing non-stop in their heads . The shoot began early at around 7 am and finished “early” in the mid-afternoon about 1:30pm . The guys wore torn jeans and the girls wore club wear and didn’t mind their aching feet after dancing all morning as our model Lyuba pointed out while smiling  ” i was dancing non-stop and my feet didn’t mind at all!”

Some of our models visited us at the agency after the shoot. “We were painting the ceiling” Said our Model Greg B. referring to how much fun he had dancing on set. “it  was the best music video I’ve ever been in” said our model Lyuba and  that  “There was a great Vibe” according to our model Annie P .

We’re thrilled our models had a blast!

Wintersleep ‘s sound reminds us of  “The Killers” but it’s best to find out for yourself at  Below is a picture of the band:

Samantha D, Witek L and Yara  W are part of our FASHION Model division . Annie P, Lyuba B, Cristina O and Rainbow are part of our FEMALE Models Division and Greg B is part of our Real People Division. If you want to know more about these divisions please visit our website at or apply online at

More about Canadian Band Wintersleep at


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