FEMALE DIVISION, promotional models

JOB! V.I.P Promo event

Congrats to our models Lyuba B, Carolina B, Annie P and Nadia H for booking a promotional event for STOLICHNAYA VODKA  on May 29 and 30th !

STOLICHNAYA VODKA is a renowned Russian Vodka that comes in many flavours! Stolichnaya – or more popularly “Stoli” – is one of the most popular vodka brands on the market today. This is good because the majority of their vodka line up is pretty good and affordable, so when you’re in doubt you can almost always rely on a bottle of Stoli being at the liquor store. Overall the brand is very smooth, great for mixing or for serving and sipping well chilled and one of the best, readily available examples of Russian vodka.

Some snapshots of the event!

Our Promotional events Division has booked numerous  events  for companies like Budweiser, Coors Light, Cassavia Estate Homes,The International Auto Show to name a few .


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