JOB-MONTREAL FASHION WEEK-Ralph Leroy Spring/Summer 2011 collection

Congrats to our  models  Vendetta, Katia and Alexandre who  walked the runway for Montreal based designer Ralph Leroy today Thursday September 30th at 6PM!

Freshly published pictures from the show will be posted tomorrow so keep checking the blog!

About designer Ralph Leroy
A multi-faceted designer and jewelry creator, Ralph Leroy combines the sharpness of the cut with his contemporary vision of fashion in a chic, urban and contemporary style. Colors and daring are the two facets that distinguish the collections of this artisan of beauty.

Spring/Summer 2011 collection
Element Water expresses the designer’s concern pertaining to the last oil spill and raises our awareness on the abundance of water, which is nothing but a mirage.  Element Water by Ralph Leroy is a portal to both oceanography and ichthyology.  From it emerges aquatic elegance, reflected in its forms and colours.

Our models have appeared in Toronto and Montreal Fashion week continuously. If you would like to apply to our fashion division please e-mail us at and send us your pictures and measurements. You must be at least 5’7.5” for women and 5’11 for men.


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