JOB-PLAYSTATION-Everybody Dance-Promo (Enrique Iglesias Euphoria Tour 2011)


JOB-PLAYSTATION-Everybody Dance-Promo

Congrats to our models who worked as pretty brand embassadors for Playstation’s latest game “Everybody Dance” . The promo for this game took place during Enrique Iglesias’ concert at the Air Canada center on Thursday Sept 29 2011 .

Congrats to our lucky models Rachel L, Jaclyn G, Chanele T and Lyuba B.

The girls were  familiar with PlayStation games and consoles and they had fun dancing as concertgoers watched the model’s demonstration on how to use the game. If you haven’t yet heard Everybody Dance, it’s the perfect party
game coming out exclusively for the PLAYSTATION Move on October 18th.Great features include  40 Hit Tracks, you can gather all of your friends for 20 person party play and yes! you can upload performance highlight videos and pictures to Facebook and Twitter. How cool is that?

Other cool things  that you can do is choreograph your own routines to all of the songs in Dance Creator mode
Will be supported with regular DLC track packs
•       Play through beginner, intermediate, professional, and partner modes in every song
•       Watch the official music videos and dance to professionally choreographed routines
•       Track calories in the Workout Mode
•       Learn the dances in small, easy segments in Dance Class before you compete.

Have a look at the promo video:


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