We waited a good week or so but they are here! The KIA commercials featuring our models Simon and Mathieu are finally out! The ads are promoting the « Bordée de Gagnants » campaign and one of them features legendary celebrity , Canadian singer and actor Paul Anka!They are in french because they are  airing in the province of Quebec with a francophone audience in mind but there are also two versions in English. Have a look!

This first one features the one and only, legendary Canadian singer and actor Paul Anka. He sings his delightful Jazzy tune “Vive le vent!” along with our model/Actor Mathieu . Its an endearing, charming  and fun sketch!

This one makes us wonder “Comment dépenseriez-vous votre argent?” or ” How would you spend your money?” featuring our model/actor Simon L

So there you have it! Don’t change the channel next time you see a KIA commercial on TV!

Stay tuned and watch models/actors Simon and Mathieu in action! Congrats to our  models/actors  Simon and Mathieu  once again who appear in these KIA Cars TV Commercials!



  1. Well worth waiting to watch the KIA commercials.

  2. very true! thank you for commenting! we love feedback:)

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