Congrats to our models who walked the runway for designer BEATA RAJSKA this Saturday, January 28TH2012.

Congrats to our models Breanne B, Ami S, Dora  K.Tiffany A, Joyce Z,Alima Rahman.

About the Desinger:Top fashion designer Mgr. Beata Rajska has been creating under her own brand Beata RAJSKA since 1997.

Beata has presented her work at numerous fashion shows at home and abroad (for example Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Berlin, London, Toronto, and Mexico City). Among her many successes and milestones as the principal of Beata RAJSKA, it is important to mention her participation in the Miss Czech Republic pageant in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2004. Beata prepared models  to represent the Czech Republic in the Miss International pageant in Tokyo, Miss Europe in Paris, Miss World in London and China, Miss Universe Columbia and Peru, and Miss World Tourism Columbia, where  she won the prize for  Best Evening Gown, beating out 65 other participants.


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