JOB- The Road to Tophet – Movie

JOB- The Road to Tophet – Movie

Congrats to our model and actress Christine Texeira who plays the role of “Molly” in the film “THE ROAD TO TOPHET”

In the film our actress Christine Texeira plays the Charachter of “Molly” ( picture below)

In the plot, Charlie ( the main character) tries to hide things from his girlfriend Molly because she doesn’t want him to do the drug runs anymore. But Molly is hiding a secret of her own.

Have a look at the poster , trailer, production photos and video stills:

Photo credit: Melissa Connors Photography

























Charlie, a french-Canadian kid, smuggles drugs over the American border into northern Ontario to make some extra cash. When he decides he wants out, his boss sets him up to lose a shipment. Now trapped in the job, he sees no way out … until his friend Johnny shows up with a bunch of gambling debts and one bad idea that leads them both down the Road to Tophet.

 Starring: Samuel Thivierge as Charlie – Axel Green as Johnny – Christine Teixeira as Molly – Alika Autran as Tala
Soroush Saeidi as Luc – Matt Connors as Rick – Steve Gagne as Joey & Matthew Heidi as the Drug Runner
Directed by: Steve Schmidt
Written by: Jeremy Beal and Steve Schmidt
Produced by: Steve Schmidt, Alex Green, Samuel Thivierge, Paul Thivierge, Kyle Corston and Sylvie Lapointe

Kharisma Pictures
Road to Tophet Productions Inc. © 2012


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