JOB-MARILYN DENIS SHOW- Fashion TV segment “The perfect T-Shirt” Feat. Angie Smith

JOB-MARILYN DENIS SHOW- Fashion TV segment  “The perfect T-Shirt” Feat. Angie Smith

We are very happy that our beautiful Model Arlene Soltes was a model this past Tuesday, July 17th on the Marilyn Denis show.

Marilyn Denis is just irresistibly charismatic and we are fans of her show! The Marilyn Denis show is a live entertainment and lifestyle talk show that gives just so many tips and tricks and beautiful inspirational things from food, fashion, health tips and more!

The name of the segment is called ” The perfect T-Shirt” and was hosted by Marilyn Denis and Fashion expert Angie Smith.

Arlene  has an ” Apple shape”  body type and according to Angie smith ” Boxy T-Shirts”  suit that body shape best. Doesn’t Arlene look lovely?  Underneath her T-shirt Arlene is wearing a Wonderbra  to accentuate and flatter her body shape.  Angie also adds that choosing a bra with Lacey accents adds playfulness and glamor.

Watch the video here

Here is a picture of our model Arlene:

Some screen shots from the TV Segment:


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