JOB: MANDIA NANTIOS “One Last Time” -Music Video

JOB: MANDIA NANTIOS “One Last Time” -Music Video

Congrats to our actors who will appear in  MANDIA NANTIOS’  debut  music video “One last time” of her new alum.

Congrats to the following actors who appeared in this music video as Mandia’s BBF’s  and as High school extras.

Watch the behind the scenes video below and stay tuned for the actual music  video, it will come out in the next few weeks!

We also received a wonderful message from Mandia herself sharing that she was very happy to work with our models:

“Hello,I just want to say that your actors did a phenomenal job on the shoot! Especially Renee, she’s such a sweet girl and she was perfect as the bestie. I just wanted to share the Behind The Scenes video with you as many of your actors are in here. Stay tuned for the music video that will be releasing in a few weeks. Thanks so much Orange Model Management!! You guys rock! xo

Models in the video: Renee D, Cinthya A, Bardia K,Onisha L, Vanessa B, Erin B and Ava R



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