JOB-“Fashion Arts Toronto [FAT]” -FASHION SHOW for Various designers


JOB-“Fashion Arts Toronto [FAT]” -FASHION SHOW for Various designers

Congratulations to our models  who walked the runway during Fashion Arts Toronto Week [FAT]  for various designers.

Below are pictures of our models on the runway, enjoy!

David C. Wigley-19 David C. Wigley-1 935546_4297893779188_339584969_n 931426_4297848538057_275155231_n 931386_4289970061100_561232579_n 733879_4289996821769_1958711519_n 601734_4289997101776_1099904029_n 575530_4293729235077_676252762_n 554645_4293755075723_31218976_n 537858_4293729475083_1920321803_n 537795_4289967501036_484225798_n 528435_4290001261880_1302626731_n 408693_4289969421084_1103762892_n 394080_4290022462410_1922752578_n 386933_4290010102101_1550037487_n 318708_4290014382208_83129556_n 302440_4290022182403_437695437_n David C. Wigley-44 David C. Wigley-40 David C. Wigley-30


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