JOB: The ShOws- Fashion Show

JOB: The ShOws- Fashion Show

Congratulations to our lovely models Sarah R, Yaryna R, Angelique B, Erin C, Kirsten J, Jaqueline B, Laura S, Taylor A, Melanie G, Svitlana N, Tabitha D, Elizabeth B, Ashley K, Maureen M, Summer S, Chanel S, Alissa B, Emily B, Katie C, Kailee F, Monica M, Vera T, Laura V, Meaghan T, Maicie S and  Mana H. who walked the runway for various designers at The ShOws. (

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hair IMG_7608 copy IMG_2861 copy IMG_9432 copy Yaryna Rybak_2 Sarah Ruest_2

Congrats girls! 🙂

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