Our amazing models Marco, Jenny & Diana did a shoot for Loblaws!

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Congratulations to our handsome models Denny, Robert, Paul & Zsombor for booking TOM – Toronto Mens Fashion Week!


Congrats! #TOMFW17 #IAMTOM #MensFashionhasaname #Savethedate

Our gorgeous model Sara P has booked a fashion shoot


Our handsome model Anthony C recently did a music video for Twin Shadow’s!


Congratulations to our beautiful model Taylor B for booking a Royal Crown video shoot!


JOB: Taylor’s ad.

Throwback Monday. Our cute Tatiana and Marco in lord and Taylor’s ad.


Congrats Guys! :)

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JOB: Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

Our @orangemodels stylish models Burak, Jiayi Zhao, Bryce & Damien presenting collections of Fashion Designers like L’MOMO, Xian, Finezza, Tuck Shop Co., Candace Daniela, Hendrixroe, ZANE BARLÄS, Kenneth Barlis and Just ta at TOM – Toronto Men’s Fashion Week.

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Congrats Guys! :)

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