Orange Models-Jobs- WEST 49-Holiday Catalogue

Oh yes! it’s almost Christmas! and it’s Holiday-Flyer time at WEST 49 and our very own Orange models Josh N. and Dyana G. are on it yet again! The holiday flyer is so cool! Have a look at some pictures from the website!

WEST49- Holiday FlyerFullscreen capture 12182009 15342 PMWEST 49- Holiday Flyer

Check out the WEST49 website, have a look at our models and get shopping for the holiday season!

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Orange Models- JOBS-Guess Jeans Catalogue

Congrats! to our beautiful model Estefania Nebot who just booked an online catalog for Guess Jeans. Estefania in under our international model placement as she is currently in Korea. You might have seen Estefania on the flash intro of our website! She is a gorgeous 5’9-32-24-34! Keep checking for more buzz from our international division!

SOURCE:  visit Guess Jeans -Korea to see the full online catalogue featuring Estefania! and get shopping 😉

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Orange Model Management Inc- Our model Baba is the new spokesmodel for Xintang Jeans Inc. in China

Congrats to our model BABA who won 1st place in the Xintang Jeans Ambassador Competition on November 1st. He is now the official spokes-model of the brand of Jeans for one year! He will be part of their 2009-2010 publicity campaign. Our model Isabelle G. also came in 13th place. Congrats to all our models who participated in the competition: Alycia G, Kate H, Annie P, Evelyna J and Yarina.

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