JOB: Target Catalogue Shoot – Print

JOB: Target Catalogue Shoot – Print

Congratulations to our gorgeous model Sienna R. and Marco G. for appearing in Target Catalogue – Print. Don’t forget to visit us at for more details and updates.

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Congrats Guys! 🙂

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JOB: World Vision – Child Labour – Print

JOB: World Vision – Child Labour – Print

Congratulations to our talented model Ayana Z. for appearing in World Vision – Child Labour – Print. Don’t forget to visit us at for more details and updates.

Ayana Z


Congrats Ayana! 🙂

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Congrats to our actors Joseph Kimpiatu and David Haddad who will appear on YTV’s Zoink’d TV  Show. They will perform in front of the kid judges in hopes of winning the 1,000$ prize! Stay tuned in Mid November!














About the TV Show:

Zoink’d takes your average TV talent show, turns it upside-down, and covers it in goo! Adults get a shot at showcasing their weird and wacky talents, and it’s up to the panel of kid judges to decide if they’ll win the coveted title of ZOINK MASTER! But if they don’t bring the funny the adults will be met with boos – and OOZE – in TV’s messiest elimination.

How “Zoinking” Works:
Each adult has one minute to entertain our panel of kid judges. Once 20 seconds are up, if a judge is not entertained, they can hit “zoink” and vote to eliminate a performer.  If an act gets less than three “zoinks” before one minute is up, they get points from the judges. The performer with the most points at the end of the show wins, but if they get three or more “zoinks” they’re OUT!

JOB-MANULIFE FINANCIAL “Kids doing adult jobs”-Print Ad

JOB- MANULIFE FINANCIAL “Kids doing adult jobs”-Print Ad

Congrats to our model Logan Prior who will appear in the latest print ad  for  MANULIFE FINANCIAL as a “little lawyer”. The concept of the campaign is ” kids doing adult jobs” and in Logan’s case he will be portraying a lawyer. So, look out for pamphlets, posters and Magazine inserts featuring Logan. Here is the online ad! have a look!

Orange Models- JOBS-Guess Jeans Catalogue

Congrats! to our beautiful model Estefania Nebot who just booked an online catalog for Guess Jeans. Estefania in under our international model placement as she is currently in Korea. You might have seen Estefania on the flash intro of our website! She is a gorgeous 5’9-32-24-34! Keep checking for more buzz from our international division!

SOURCE:  visit Guess Jeans -Korea to see the full online catalogue featuring Estefania! and get shopping 😉

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Orange Model Management @ Lusso Magazine Anniversary Runway Show

Congratulations to Roxanne Woudberg, Estelle Walters, Shalice Schauten, Ling Chen, Daniel Blay, Matthew Mihok, Paul Lane and Ronnie Hope who took part in the Lusso Anniversary Fashion Show Thursday December 09 2009.

Lusso Magazine is “a source of inspiration, style and beautiful living, LUSSO Magazine explores the world of stylish living from a distinct and visionary perspective, from the best of life’s trends,
extraordinary people and where they travel, the red carpet rush, the automobiles they
purchase and the technology they are interested in. LUSSO Magazine covers the topics
that successful people appreciate, in a consistently high quality editorial environment.” More at

Images of event by Luis Enriquez

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