JOB- BRIGHTEST BRIGHTER “Everyday” Music Video

 JOB- BRIGHTEST BRIGHTER “Everyday” Music Video

Congrats to our actor Herny Ma, who landed the role of the ” Rejected man” in the latest video called “Everyday” by band BRIGHTER BRIGHTEST. They are an amazing Canadian band based from Toronto. The single “Everyday” is the latest from their new album “Right for me”

Have a look at the video!

Have a look at Henry Ma in a behind-the-scenes video from second 35 onwards:

Orange Model Mgmt Inc. Jobs- Dentyne Ice- PRINT

Congrats to our Model Kevin Arnason who will appear in the latest print ad campaign of Dentyne Ice Gum. He will be featured as the ” boyfriend” in the print add .Look for the ads which are set to be circulating by Jan or Feb. This print ad will feature two couples sharing a “Dentyne ice” kiss.Visit to see more!

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8th annual Breast Cancer awareness carnival and Fashion show tonight!

Pink Fashion show! for a great cause featuring terrific designers and our beautiful models!

Congratulations the following Orange Models are participating in this year’s BOOBALICIOUS Breast Cancer Awareness  Fashion show! Teona G Mila Sadiq ,Anastasia, Lyuba , Alexandra S, Sarah W Daria M, Darien H Alaina B ,Lily C, Nami Z,Becky L,Yvonne H and Shimoor.

Some Backstage Photos from the show! it was amazing!

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Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs- DRAGONETTE “pick up the phone”

Canadian band Dragonette’s Latest video  “Pick up the phone” is out and it features our Beautiful  Orange Model Vanessa N.
Yes! Dragonette are out with the video to their new single ‘Pick Up The
Phone’, the first release from the Canadian electropop group’s second
full-length studio album ‘Fixin to Thrill’, which is out on September 29th via
Mercury Records. Watch this amazing video directed by prestigious director Drew Lightfoot and our beautiful model!

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Hollie Miller, Stephanie A, Roxanne W, Emma M


TaiwanFest Toronto 2009 Fashion Show- Designer Goji Lin
Alexandra Slaine ,Lyuba B., Sarah Wilkinson, Shalice Schouten,
Mary Hitchon ,Helen Zhang,Roxanne Woudberg,Alaina Brckovic ,Sarah Pereira,Rebekah Ostep
Nami Z.,Jessie Skof,Yvonne Holder,Annie Portelance,Darya T. ,Adriana Chira
Kailey Shanque,Maggie Jo Williams, Krissy Hilimanick.


Music Videos

, Tara
Ynn Cowin
, Thania

Salituro, Matthew
Parker ,Kyle MacDonald,Collin Harris.

Our Lady Peace “The End is where we begin”

Desmond Grumby

DELERIUM- “Dust in Gravity” Feat. Kreeshia Turner

Dale Millsop and Jezreel G


The Body Shop
Yvone H, Helen Z

Much Music- Big Shiny Tunes Promo
Borhan N, Timothy P,Jamie B,Jussi J,Daniel L,Brian T,Angela K,Dyana G,Katherine K
Natalya D,Raymonde R,Sarah S,Yolanda C,Yvonne H,
Alan S,

IMM Living- Web Host
Mckinley R.

Bell Mobility- Training  Human Resources Industrial Video
Clarice C
John Hollick


ADELA- Natural Clothing Online catalogue

Vanessa N, Dyanna G

EXPLORER GEAR- Andrew Mcgeoch


LABEL CLOTHING- Alaina B, Lyuba B, Juni R, Darya T,Helen Z


Rachel H


Peter M


Uniq Lifestyle- GOTSYLE “Best Dress Man”: Competition

Alaina B ,Vanessa N ,Ashley A

West Palm- Promo

Evelina J and Larissa K


West Palm-Trident Promo

Monika C, Evelyna J, Brianna S, Samantha D, Monique H, Lyuba B, Tara Lynn C,

Rasoee International Centre- Promo

Alaina B, Adriana C

OSMH Gala- Promo
Annie P and Lyuba B

SICOM Convention Centre-Promo
Evelyna J

Orange Models-Jobs-Hedley Music Video “Cha-Ching”

Our models were on the set of Hedley’s newest Video for song ” Cha-Ching!”

The video is set to come out next week so look out for it! In the meantime please enjoy this amazing behind-the-scenes pic. More to come, video and photos! stay tuned!


Music Video Finally Out! Enjoy!

Congrats to our models : Evelyna J,  Thania Karime, Angela K,  Lily
Ynn Cowin,

Osborne, Sarah
Salituro, Colin Harrison
, Kyle McDonald, Parker James

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Orange Models-JOBS-Live shoot for LABEL Clothing Inc.

Orange Models will be doing a LIVE SHOOT for  LABEL Clothing Inc. Please come out to Cheval on King West tomorrow, Thursday 27th where Label Clothing Inc. is launching
their online store, having amazing giveaways, and
a live label photo shoot with our models!

Congrats to our models Lyuba Bondarenko, Alaina,Darya,Helen and Yuni for booking this job!
More about LABEL Clothing at:

Orange Model Management Inc.- Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt-Jobs-LABEL Clothing Inc.Orange Model Mgmt Inc.

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